Welcome to FlexiPoint - flexible pointing compound guaranteed not to crack

FlexiPoint is a unique, flexible pointing compound which is designed to flex with roof structures, FlexiPoint is a premixed, pre-coloured (in a range of colours), is available to buy in 10 litre containers, is trowel applied and is primarily used for pointing Ridge tiles, Verge’s and Valleys on roofs.

FlexiPoint is manufactured in the UK and made from carefully blended resins, adhesives and polymers to give it exceptional bonding strength as well as flexibility.

Flexipoint primer is designed to be absorbed into the surface and once dry will stabilize the sub-straight giving an excellent surface for the Flexipoint to bond to.

Flexipoint primer should always be used especially on aged surfaces. Flexipoint primer is supplied in the container with the Flexipoint.


FlexiPoint is a  British company.

FACT - Roofs flex with varying temperatures – Roofs flex with the weight of snow and also rain being absorbed and evaporating - traditional mortar cracks,we guarantee FlexiPoint will not crack for at least 10 years. It's tried and tested all over the World  FlexiPoint  is now available to UK homeowners too.

When it comes to insurance claims for leaky roofs, Insurance companies inspect for well maintained roofs, cracked and missing ridge, verge and valley pointing often invalidates any claims for leaky roofs.

On our website you will be able to see how it looks on ridges, valleys and verges, read up on the 10 year guarantee we offer and read what roofers are saying around the UK about FlexiPoint.